Fall Is Upon Us

Well It’s that time of the year in which we say “Goodbye, Summer.” We’ve had Labor Day Festivals and We are now celebrating another Equinox. Fall or Autumn is that transition from Summer to Winter. I hate to see Summer go, but I understand that is the way the universe works.

Now is the time that we smell pumpkin for the rest of the year and the time in which we prepare for Halloween and Thanksgiving to name a few holidays. Too bad we aren’t preparing for another damn Presidential election. However, Seasons Changing allows us to change as well personally.  Although in some place in the US some outdoor activities are limited, make sure that you plan for some indoor nudist activities and make sure that you have fun doing it.  Happy Fall Equinox.

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Mica Martinez Monday


It’s Monday

Some of you All Are Recuperating from

A Three Day weekend due to the

Easter Holiday.

Back to work we go.

I am determined that this Monday

Will be one of the biggest Mondays and

Best Mondays Ever.

Say it with me,

Bigger, Better, Abundance,



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I Did NOT Want to Get Dressed

You may be a true nudist if you hate putting on clothes!!!  Well This past Saturday, I did not feel like putting on clothes.  I had a rehearsal to attend and I really felt like staying at home and basking in my glory. I wanted to just clean and sing and let my skin breathe.

It is something very relaxing and liberating about being naked and free. It is something when you’re able to just be carefree and clothesfree without having to worry about what other people have to say or worry about answering your phone!!!

However, I did get dressed and I did end up going to the rehearsal, however me being me, I didn’t even wear any underwear.  That’s right, This Trans Lady did not wear any undies. Not that it really mattered I had some baggy ass work out gear that made me look like damn MC Hammer from the 90s.  A BIG Fashion Faux Pas.

Upon coming back home, I stripped back down and began listening to music and I ended up falling asleep naked and free!!!  Too bad I couldn’t go outside nude due to where I live as well as the fact that the weather was very windy.

I need to have more nude time to myself and that is something that will be in the works from now on.


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Morning Coffee, Afternoon Coffee, Just Give Me the Damn Coffee

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Click the Picture for More Awesome Posts

Good afternoon,

I’ve been up since the ass crack of dawn.  However to start my day, I made me a cup of coffee.  I rarely drink coffee anymore due to me being a singer and also I have acid reflux. I try to get as much sleep as possible to get the necessary energy as well as make sure that I’m able to function properly.

One mornings like this I love enjoying a cup of coffee in the nude especially having the air breezing across my skin and letting the Sun kiss my body.  The joys of being a nudist!!!  While coffee is good, I try not to have too much of a dependency on caffeine. That shit ain’t healthy at all.

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God and I Are…



In my years as a Gay, Genderfluid (also seen as Transgender), Black Nudist, I have come to find out that God and I are cool.  How could he not be cool with his creation? How could he damn someone to a fiery pit knowing full and well who and what they would love?

I just don’t see how God could not be cool with me!!!  God created us naked and he also made us in HIS own image.  Now the things that aren’t cool with God are bigotry, hatred, strife, malice, and other things that seek to harm man kind.

People think that homosexuality and transgender living will harm mankind…WRONG!!! Greed, Hatred, and ignorance will be the ruin of man kind.  How is my love life, my love of being naked, and my joy causing harm to anyone?  It’s not!!!  Why can’t we live and let others live and show each other love?

Wasn’t Love one of the most important things that Jesus taught us?

d6c8c39c8642a336a48d0091_naturistWe have grown so accustomed to not loving our fellowman due to certain teachings.  How about we read the Bible for ourselves and study to show thyselves approved?  I guess most bigots, especially these republifools have forgotten that God is love not hatred and stupid laws.  Excuse me for venting. I had to get that off my chest.

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Happy Cinco De Mayo


Cinco de Mayo is a celebration held on May 5. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza.

Happy Cinco De Mayo. Celebrate Liberation and Celebrate it Naked!!!

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Awkward Person-EMBRACE YOUR BULGE!!!


   The Awkward Person is one of my favorite Vloggers on Vimeo. It is something about him that just makes me keep watching and waiting for new videos.

  In a recent video Awkward Person advises us who have a penis to take pride in our bulge. No matter what EMBRACE YOUR BULGE!!! Check it out Below or Click Here

Embrace Your Bulge from Awkward Person on Vimeo.

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The End(s) of February

Well It’s the The Last Day of February 2016.  This Month has been a month of surprises and revelations and some refreshing.  Not only was this Black History Month, But I celebrated 1 year of self hosting this blog.
  As We Kiss February Good Bye Let us be prepared for a great beginning in the Month of March Remember to stay tuned for more Blog Posts in the Black Male Nudist Blog.
Love Ya,

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