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Now that National Masturbation Month is Over, I will resume my posting concerning Naturism. Come on  now. You can be a naturist and be sex positive. Just know when to seperate the two.

Many of us nudists are wondering what to do when it comes to networking as naturists. Well I have a remedy for you. I advise you to join True Nudists.

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Back to Work

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Hello My Naked and Free Family, This queer nudist is back in full effect.

  My break proved to be quite refreshing. I needed to put somethings in perspective. Stripping away layers and not just clothes helped me to conquer anxiety and anger.

As a result I am enrolled into therapy. I’m naked mentally and not ashamed. I do recommend anyone to get the help they need in order to stay healthy and happy. Isn’t that what the doctor is here for?

I will be sharing naked time stories and more.

Love ya,


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What’s Your Favorite Entry?


What’s your Favorite post from The Black Male Nudist ?
From Now Until December 31st 2015 Be Sure to Email me as well as share on Social Media Your Favorite Post From The Black Male Nudist Blog. My email is You can also comment on this post as well.

The Black Male Nudist

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Naked Travels: Plans for 2015





Well since Spring’s arrival and the turning of a new season, being the black nudist that I am,  I have been contemplating on my nude travels for the Spring and Summer. As a Black Nudist, I’ve been networking via, and trying to meet other Black gay nudists  that are wanting to travel.

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Nudists Notes: Spring Solstice




Spring Solstice is Coming!!!! Spring’s First Day arrives on March 20th, 2015!!! I’m excited. Warmer temperatures and vegetation blooming!!! That also means OUTDOOR NAKED TIME!!!! As a Black Nudist and naturist, I take joy in the change of seasons.  I love to see how nature changes and how things grow and bloom in the spring time.

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Social Nudism: Naked With the Bros


Social Nudism

Social Nudism



As a True Nudist and a Black Male Nudist, I love hanging out with Nudes of Color.  True Nudists understand that nudism can teach one body acceptance and teaches one how to be comfortable with themselves and baring it all in front of their best friends.

Well this past weekend, I celebrated my birthday.  I went out for my birthday and I was able to hang naked with the bros (which are my friends.  We decided to go to the club this weekend to ring in my birthday (March 15th, aka the Ides of March).  Well as we began to change clothes and I got in my best drag persona, We happened to just be hanging out naked.  It was a quick party of social nudism.   We started playing music as I pieced together each outfit. We even danced around and joked about each others dance moves or the lack there of.

It was non sexual might I add!!!! We all felt comfortable around each other in the buff.  There is nothing like good old non sexual social nudism to start off your birthday celebration.

Love ya!!!!

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