Naked Colors: Intro to Nudism Preview

I’m so excited. My friends over at the Naked Colors Podcast have been on the grind this week in preparation for their February 1st, 2018 debut. I’ve mentioned them on this blog before a couple weeks ago. Naked Colors is a podcast that will expand the peoples’ knowledge on Nudism. I look forward to it.

Check out their preview episode below!,
Happy Tuesday,

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I haven’t really been active in the naturism way of life as far as travels this year.  The last nakation I took was back in 2015 and that was in Haulover.  I do however intend on visiting some other resorts and beaches in 2018.  One of them being Blacks Beach, Gunnsion Beach, and Possibly some beaches overseas. I plan on getting more Naked Time next year.

What are your plans for next year?

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Halloween Nakedness

Happy Halloween All!!! Today is a day where people dress up or go out as ghouls, goblins, or even their favorite character from TV. Hopefully you all are enjoying some naked time and enjoying a great Nudist party!!!
Whatever you do for Hallow’s Eve Please be safe and be responsible.
Love ya,

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Fall Is Upon Us

Well It’s that time of the year in which we say “Goodbye, Summer.” We’ve had Labor Day Festivals and We are now celebrating another Equinox. Fall or Autumn is that transition from Summer to Winter. I hate to see Summer go, but I understand that is the way the universe works.

Now is the time that we smell pumpkin for the rest of the year and the time in which we prepare for Halloween and Thanksgiving to name a few holidays. Too bad we aren’t preparing for another damn Presidential election. However, Seasons Changing allows us to change as well personally.  Although in some place in the US some outdoor activities are limited, make sure that you plan for some indoor nudist activities and make sure that you have fun doing it.  Happy Fall Equinox.

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Nudists Against Trump


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I have one thing to say; FUCK TRUMP!!! Yes I said it FUCK TRUMP!!! In the 14 days that it has been president, the Trump creature has basically steered us towards war. With the assault on Muslims, Healthcare, and People Everywhere, Donald Trump has made the USA a fucking laughing stock of America. It is with this that I say FUCK TRUMP!!!

Thankfully I am a nudist against Trump. I cannot stand for bigotry, misogyny, and blatant assholeness in a powerful position.  Not to mention that he’s lifted the needed sanctions against Russia and now is being investigated.  I honestly do not see him being president nor do I see mike pence in our faces much longer. I purposely did not capitolize mike pence. He’s a gay hating dirt bag that needs to know what REAL Christlikeness is.  I’m a nudist against Trump!!!


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I’m Transgender, Not Desperate - the largest nudist personals site! – the largest nudist personals site!


So tonight, I went on a date for the first time since my break up with my ex, the jackass, in September.  The person I went out with, we’ll refer to as “Ced.”  This is very important as I am a pre-op transwoman, Hence the name change of the blog, and I’m also HIV positive.

Ced and I have known each other for a couple years and we have been great friends. We support each other in ministry and we are both nudists.  Ced is very well educated on HIV and Transgender live, him being a Cis gender male.  Well, since he and I have made a deeper connection, there has been some sort of a enigmatic attraction to this Black Trans Nudist!!!

Tonight we went to a local restaurant and we talked about our likes, experiences in dating, and me being transgender and the challenges I’ve often faced as a transwoman.  One of the topics being that people think that because I’m transgender, that I am desperate and that I should only be dated out of charity or that no one will love me as a transwoman.

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New Name: The Black Trans Nudist, Same Channel

Click the Picture if you Support Transgender People


Here it is Everyone, the long awaited name change. This blog is NOW known as the Black Trans Nudist. Many of you know that I began transitioning a couple years  from Male to Female, so I decided to change the title of this blog. Now it is currently still at the same url. All that I ask is that you all remain respectful when commenting as well as respectful  when addressing me. I am a transwomen. I go by the pronouns “she/her/Madame” basically all your feminine pronouns. I still will not posts explicit nudes of me because of course that is my choice.

Love ya,

The Black Trans Nudist


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Name Change Coming Soon



Hey Familyy,

Many of you know and have read that I am transitioning from Male to Female in the next year.  Yes I am a pre-op Transwoman. With that being said, I will be soon changing the title and url of this blog to further reflect my transition and the changes. I still will include material on being Black, Male, Female, and Nudist as I was “born a male.”

Gender Dysphoria is something that I’ve dealt with throughout my childhood, teens, and now my adult life. I feel that it is now time for me to use what I have to reflect those changes and be a voice for the Transgender Community.

Thanks for sticking with Me. Love ya,

The Black Male (Queer/Trans) Nudist

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  Sleep is a very important part of the day and a very imporrtan part of our lives.  Without sleep we’d all be grumpy, evil, and right out Donald Trumpish.  Sleep and getting the proper amount of sleep will help your immune system, your sex life, and your overall health.  Did you know that sleep also benefits your mental health as well.

 The reason for this blog posts is that personally, I’ve not been getting the proper rest and it has been noticeable in how I handle stress, yes my sex life, as well as even my ability to focus as I should.  Believe it or not getting your proper rest does a lot for the body and soul.

More about Sleep and Tools to Help you Relax and Relase CLICK THE PICTURE

More about Sleep and Tools to Help you Relax and Release CLICK THE PICTURE

One thing that helps me to rest easy is to turn off all cell phones, laptops, and lights.  This can be a major distraction when you are attempting to sleep.  The bright lights can decrease your quality of sleep.

Another way to really rest, and this is for those who don’t mind it, but I would advise sleeping naked.  You do not have to worry about the pulling and the annoyance of clothes. Since I’ve ventured into nudism, I’ve come to rather enjoy sleeping naked. It does so much for me and it helps my skin breathe and it allows me to completely relax. Sleeping naked is by far the best way to sleep.


The next way that I really fall asleep easily is to listen to some smooth jazz that will make my mind wander and cause me to relax. I’ve done this since I was a teenager. Smooth jazz always puts me into the right frame of mind. It’s as if am I am transcending time.

  Now here is the part where you all can interact with me. When it is Time to Say Goodnight: Sleeping Naked, what are some of the ways that you all have a great and proper quality of sleep?

 Love ya,

The Black Male Nudist

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