Artistic Saturday: Being Transgender and Nude!!!


  This Artistic Saturday, is dedicated to the transgender community.  This houses genderqueer, non gender-conforming, gender fluid, agender, and other various gender identities.  I myself have began transition from male to female, however I am not changing the name of this blog anytime soon.  I feel that in the nudist sphere there is not enough representation, and I may be wrong, of the transgender community.

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Happy Tuesday: Naked, Black and Happy


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This past weekend, I traveled to a Atlanta, for a religious gathering. I ended up sharing a room with my best friend J B, and DeDe.  We are all apart of the Blackqueer Community, mind you I was the only genderqueer (Transgender) person in the room, however I blended right in.

We had just arrived that Friday Afternoon and we all began making plans for that evening. While we were making plans, We all began to strip and it was no big deal. The only thing we commented is on how much weight we had gained or loss since we last saw each other and that it felt good to let the body breathe!!!

It felt good being amongst other Nudists of color and It just made my journey in nudism even more better.  I’m happy to be a Black Naked Person!!!

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Are Transgender Nudists Welcome At Nudist Resorts?

I’ve found an interesting article, courtesy of Young Naturists of America, concerning Transgender Nudists.

Are Transgender Nudists Welcome At Nudist Resorts?

| October 13, 2015 | 4 Comments

Reader Question: Transgender Nudists & Nudist Resorts

We got this email recently from one of our readers asking about how or if transgender people are accepted at nudist resorts:

“I am a 65 year old transgender MTF [male to female] woman who is also a nudist and a member of AANR.
I’m just starting to work with a few young people who are either MTF or FTM [female to male] transgender individuals who are also interested in social nudism. Two were members when much younger and before beginning their transition and are now thinking of rejoining. Some of the others are just individuals who wish to join others in social nudism. All of them are not sure how they would be accepted at nudist resorts and by other young non-trangender individuals.
Please offer any advice for these youth and perhaps any testimonials.
I understand their curiosity about acceptance at a resort because I have first-hand experienced both acceptance and rejection at various



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Nudity is Not a Crime by Yannick Taylor



Many of you have met and follow my good friend Transgender Nudist and Singer Yannick “The Priestess” Taylor. She is an advocate of nudism, naturism, and understanding of nudism. As a transgender nudist, she wants us to know that nudity IS NOT a crime.  This comes after many celebrity nudes have been leaked and people often want to shame non sexual nudity. Check out her message below. Please all support my follow Vlogger and Blogger. Her links are below the video!!!


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