How I Became a Nudist

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I began experimenting with nudity at the great age of 14.  I had watched an episode of Real Sex about people who were into Voyeurism and Exhibitionism. I even found out about what nudism was and how it differed from exhibitionism.

At the age of 14, I was able to spend a lot of time at home alone living in the South. I would come home from school and strip. I would even spend naked time in my room making sure that my parents didn’t catch me naked .  I gradually pulled away from it because I grew up as a traditional Baptist and felt that I was sinning.

However that did not stop me once I got into college. I began to research the Bible and Nudity.  The Lord created us naked. Why should we be ashamed to be naked? Well Thanks to religion and ideaologies that are so fucked up, people think that if you are naked that you are automatically wanting to screw or be perverse.

That is not true.  Might I add Noah was a nudist, David danced out of his robe, and We are all born naked!!!

I began back experimenting after I graduated from college.  I ended up attending my first nudist resort in Georgia, In The Woods. I also have visited Rivers Edge. This past summer I was able to visit Haulover Beach.

I plan on diving into more naked travels VERY soon.

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Love ya,

The Black Male Nudist



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