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Where Do you like to Masturbate?

In The Shower


In the Office
In the Bedroom
By or in the Pool
On the Toilet


By the Computer


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Talk to Me!!!

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Hey Y’all. Come Talk TO me. If you need relationship advice, a sexual expert or just some naughty chat, Hit me up


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Vincent has finally come in to shoot his load. Here for, I reach in for a bit of in-spiration. Liking big guys, he reaches over to check me out. Pulling my cock out and into his mouth, Vincent does indeed throat me whole; he is ready to fuck as well. Thrusting from below, Vincent pushes back and bounces. Flipped over, he grabs his cock and jerks; I blow inside and out while he shoots, simultaneously.






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Sex and Me!!!

For those that know me, you all know that I am a sexual being.  My birthday was this month on the 15th, and let’s say I had a field day. However, Sex is not something I crave all the time.  Sex is fun and healthy to have, but for some reason my thoughts have been elsewhere.

Here lately I’ve been thinking about the future of this blog, my transition, as well as what will happen to my sex drive once I start on the hormones to start my transition from male to female and to feminize my features.  I do know that some transgender women can use their penis for the remainder of their lives in terms of sex wise, while others lose the ability to have erections period.  I’ve also researched that some transwomen also have a higher sex drive due to the hormones.

I guess this will be something I will have to talk to my endocrinologist about once I am ready to start on hormones.  Prayerfully it won’t be one of those doctors that don’t know how to treat the transitioning process.

Now Don’t get me wrong, I still pleasure myself and use my toys. One reason for me not having a lot of sex is just the fact I’m actually ready for relationship and not just a one night stand.

May be I’ll come to some resolve. As for now,

Much Love,


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Nudist and Sex Positive?


Many of you know that I am a nudist. I am also sex positive.  I do understand that in the nudist or naturist setting that sex is not welcomed, which is understandable.  That is also why on this website you will see sexual materials. I am a nudist who is sex positive, and I am a sexual being.

Let’s face it, although we are nudists there are things that arouse us and make us go boom!!!  I was once asked how am I a nudist, but am sex positive.  The answer is easy. I can seperate the two.  In a nudist setting, I enjoy life the way God intended, straight up naked!!! Now don’t get me wrong as we are naked boobs, vagina, ass, penis, and things that are often fetishized are out for everyone to see.

To control the sexual aspect it is all in your mindset and your intentions for being naked.  There are times where we do have that bad apple that flaunts their erection or flaught their erect breast or does something sexual with their genitals, but the key is calling out the behavior and educating on what Nudism is and is not!!! I know that many peole have blogs that contain sexual nudism and non sexual nudism however the blog is from their point of view.

I have noticed that within the nudist community, there is often an exiling of those who are sex positive but have a major respect for the nudist community.  How can we be sex positive nudists and nudists who aren’t sex positive and not bash each other? Simple let each other be and hold each other accountable.  That is just my opinion. What say ye about this?

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