Morning Glory With JT

Good Morning My Naked people.  It’s Sunday Morning and I’m basking in all of my Morning Glory Nakedness.  It is nothing like waking up and being able to just bask in all of your glory without interruption.  Although it is cool outside I happily open up my window and let the sun kiss my skin.

Being naked is not a crime nor is it a sin.  God made us naked and made our bodies to be beautiful masterpieces. I absolutely love my morning nakedness. I encourage you to get naked. Enjoy the fall weather and go for a nice naked hike. Enjoy the serenity of hiking naked. Let it flood your soul.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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Black and Nudist

I’m Black and I’m a Nudist. I also happen to be a Transgender woman who loves the male form.  Although I am nudist, doesn’t mean that I use my nudist life to look for sex. Did you know that you can be sex positive and nudist?  There is a separation of nudity and sex, contrary to popular belief. Try researching what nudism is then you’ll get an understanding.

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Get Naked and Live Life

Get Naked and Live Life

Get Naked and Live Life

Life is precious.  It is so precious that we should get naked and live life.  Don’t always be bound by clothes and the materialistic ideals of the world.  Every since I became a nudist, I’ve accepted my body more and more. I’ve also come to accept myself as a gender queer person of color who loves to be naked.  I absolutely love the skin and mindset that I’m in. I want you to get naked and live life and enjoy it!!!!

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