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Masturbation is Fun and Natural



Masturbation is Addictive

Masturbation is Addictive


One of my favorite and most stress relieving past times is masturbation. It’s fun, safe, and natural.  Some people often times think that masturbation is nasty or sinful, but it is freaking natural.  It’s addicting but natural.

Sometimes I love just not ejaculating for a few days and just watching porn for a couple hours and then finally releasing the nut.

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How Do You Masturbate?

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Masturbation is fun and healthy!!! Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress and allows you to discover yourself sexually when no one is around and it allows you to figure out the things you like or dislike.

With Masturbation, there are various Techniques in masturbating.  In this post I will focus on regular jacking your dick masturbation and anal masturbation.

Now we all know that most men masturbate by jacking their penis or rubbing their manhood.  Some even use a method called edging. Edging is when a person “Rides the edge” gets themselves to a point to where they want to come but hold back. Edging can last from hours to days, however it takes lots of practice if one wants to build up their stamina. To learn how to edge you can click here.

Others may masturbate by massaging their prostate or anal masturbation. Anal masturbation can be done by using a dildo, butt plug, or a finger.  However one my prefer using a vibrator or a prostate massager.

Anal masturbation stimulates the rectum as well as gives sensations by touching and massaging the prostate which is responsible for seminal fluid production.  One must take proper procedures by cleaning the rectum of any waste, stool , and use proper lubrication.  Anal masturbation can be fun and a good way to give a more intense orgasm.

Which technique do you use? For More Masturbation Techniques Check out Masturbation Techniques from Gay11.

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@SupDaily06 The Male G-Spot

Chris Thompson, aka SupDaily06 On Youtube, is bold, informative, and has a way of educating you on life.

With a recent video, Chris deals with the Male G-Spot. What is the male G-Spot? The Male G-Spot is your prostate.  Just because you love getting your prostate massage does NOT mean that you are Gay. Your prostate knows no gender.

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