Naked With Lucas

It’s Thursday. Take a note from Lucas and Get barefoot and Naked. There is nothing wrong with getting absolutely naked and enjoying life. Did you know that being naked helps release stress. Put up your barefeet and relax some. Hell even dance while you’re barefoot and naked! What more tips from Lucas? Go on over to and He’ll show you how.

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Piloto *Check Out This Sponsor*





Meet Piloto, a Bi Latin Man. He doesn’t mind getting naked in front of the camera. His naked body has a few tattoos and Piloto enjoys the air on his skin. Be Like Piloto and get naked.

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Working In The Nude

Being Naked is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. However there is nothing like working nude. As you know I work from home and most of the time I do work nude, unless I am expecting a repair person to stop by at a certain time or I may have family that is present.
Whilst every job does not afford the opportunity to be naked, there are ways that you can create work opportunities that allow you to be nude and make a living.

Some people do naked house cleaning. A Naked House cleaner IS NOT a prostitution job.  A Naked House cleaner offers to clean an office or home or building in the nude especially if it is a naturist resort or naturist club. I myself

have been a naked house cleaner and found it to be very rewarding.  You should give it a try. I do advise that if you are going to do naked house cleaning that you PLEASE WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR. Those cleaning solvents and chemicals can be a beast on the skin. Make sure that you are protecting your eyes as well.



Another fun job would be a nude model.  Many art classes and photographers will pay someone to be a nude model for their collegiate class or portfolio. However make sure that the company is a legitimate entity before signing any contracts or taking any pictures. One can never be too careful especially with their privacy and information.

You can also open up a nudist resort or club. That would be interesting in it will allow you to be more behind the scenes in the naturist lifestyle.

What would be your ideal job that you would like to do in the nude?

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