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Shut Up and Listen

Listening Is very important to one’s existence. It is a simple part of communication. Instead of ranting and over talking someone, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN!!!!
It may save your life and the person who is talking will have their sanity.

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Join True Nudists


Now that National Masturbation Month is Over, I will resume my posting concerning Naturism. Come on  now. You can be a naturist and be sex positive. Just know when to seperate the two.

Many of us nudists are wondering what to do when it comes to networking as naturists. Well I have a remedy for you. I advise you to join True Nudists.

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Mica Martinez Monday


It’s Monday

Some of you All Are Recuperating from

A Three Day weekend due to the

Easter Holiday.

Back to work we go.

I am determined that this Monday

Will be one of the biggest Mondays and

Best Mondays Ever.

Say it with me,

Bigger, Better, Abundance,



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Black Men are Gods

Black men are Gods.

Despite how society tears them down

and attempt to dethrone them,

Black Men Are Gods.

If they weren’t

Then why is the world hell bent

on their destruction?

Black Men are Gods.

From the Dawn of Civilization

to Present Times,

Black Men Have Fought

and Conquered.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Barak Obama,

Malcolm X,

George Washington Carver,

The local barber,

The Black Queer Across the Street,

They are Gods too.

Bow Down Bitches,

Black Men Are Gods.

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