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The Online Slut Shows Off


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Dancing Into Monday

Click Here for More Naked Dancing and Dance Lessons
Click Here for More Naked Dancing and Dance Lessons


It’s Monday.  I know that it is the dreaded day of the week.  We’ve rested all week long and now it’s back to the hustle and bustle until the 4th of July Holiday.  Now I advise you to get naked and dance because you are Free!!!

Dance Naked because Nudism is liberating!!!

Have a great Monday,

The Black Male Nudist

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Dealing With Life



Sometimes in life we have a hard time and we have struggles, but the great thing I’ve learned is that life also has more good days than bad days.

How do I know, well you have the ability to make one of the worst days be a great day. You may get pissed at work or you may want to go postal on someone however you must remain encouraged that you are a survivor. It is in your DNA!!! You were born a winner. Keep in mind that you have overcome the previous struggles and that you have beat the odds.

Always reach for higher heights. Stop having pity parties when things don’t go your way. SO what if people want to leave your life? LET THEM!!! Let the people leave that do not desire to be a part of your life.

Trust me when you’ll realize that you are better off without them.

Just some encouragement.

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