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And It Starts


Well, it has started. Its the beginning of a new week. God help us all. I just wanted to be naked. Be sure to check out the Naked Swim Store at for great merchandise,


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Monday, Please Suck My Dick



   I hate Mondays with a passion. Especially on days that I have to deal with customers that don’t want to listen to anything that you have to say.
Not to mention that I am looking for a new job that does not deal with difficult customers and bitch ass management.
  Mondays can just suck my dick and swallow my nut!!! Ugh Mondays why must you be so cruel. Just put your mouth on my dick and suck it till my nut coats the lining of your stomach. Drain my nutsack, Monday and Fuck you!



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Happy Monday!!! Naked Mondays!!!

Three Hot Shemales In Panties
Live Shemales



It’s Monday!!!! A beginning of another work week for most, but it is also an opportunity for your light to shine bright!!!

We often times take Mondays for granted. We often go into Monday with dread. One thing that I’ve instituted as a naturist and nudist is to at least have one Naked Monday a month.

What are Naked Mondays? Naked Mondays are that time on Monday where you take some time to get either physically naked or spiritually naked.  In this manner, one strips all the negativity from their life and they begin to cloth themselves with positive thoughts and a positive attitude.

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Time to Hit the Office

  Well It’s the Start of another work week. I pray that you all have a great week and a great holiday. Although it’s Monday remember to be thankful for what you have and continue to press through each day. Love ya,
Black Male Nudist.

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It’s Monday and the Black Male Nudist is Back

  It’s Monday and The Black Male Nudist is Back.  After taking a week off  from blogging, I’m back.  I really needed to regroup my thoughts and handle some business with my mate and I. I also needed some me time.
  It’s okay to take a break.  Nevertheless, It is Monday….Another Work Week and A week full of opportunities to make great things happen.
 More Posts to come.

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Monday Blues

  Well It’s Monday…AGAIN!!!! The start of a new week. A crazy work week, however no need to fear, it is going to be a great day. No Need to Fear. Fear is not an option. You all have a lovely week. I will be back with some more blogs for your,

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Look Out…It’s Monday

Good Morning. Look Out! It’s Monday. It’s going to be a great week. Although the US and Other Countries are at war due to injustice, bigotry, racism, and ignorance, you can still make a change. What will you do to help make a change?

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