Sex and Me!!!

For those that know me, you all know that I am a sexual being.  My birthday was this month on the 15th, and let’s say I had a field day. However, Sex is not something I crave all the time.  Sex is fun and healthy to have, but for some reason my thoughts have been elsewhere.

Here lately I’ve been thinking about the future of this blog, my transition, as well as what will happen to my sex drive once I start on the hormones to start my transition from male to female and to feminize my features.  I do know that some transgender women can use their penis for the remainder of their lives in terms of sex wise, while others lose the ability to have erections period.  I’ve also researched that some transwomen also have a higher sex drive due to the hormones.

I guess this will be something I will have to talk to my endocrinologist about once I am ready to start on hormones.  Prayerfully it won’t be one of those doctors that don’t know how to treat the transitioning process.

Now Don’t get me wrong, I still pleasure myself and use my toys. One reason for me not having a lot of sex is just the fact I’m actually ready for relationship and not just a one night stand.

May be I’ll come to some resolve. As for now,

Much Love,


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Nudists Against Trump


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I have one thing to say; FUCK TRUMP!!! Yes I said it FUCK TRUMP!!! In the 14 days that it has been president, the Trump creature has basically steered us towards war. With the assault on Muslims, Healthcare, and People Everywhere, Donald Trump has made the USA a fucking laughing stock of America. It is with this that I say FUCK TRUMP!!!

Thankfully I am a nudist against Trump. I cannot stand for bigotry, misogyny, and blatant assholeness in a powerful position.  Not to mention that he’s lifted the needed sanctions against Russia and now is being investigated.  I honestly do not see him being president nor do I see mike pence in our faces much longer. I purposely did not capitolize mike pence. He’s a gay hating dirt bag that needs to know what REAL Christlikeness is.  I’m a nudist against Trump!!!


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Trapped is Back

When you connect with other bloggers, it is a real treat. One of my newest connections and favorite bloggers Trapped With Her…Driven to Him, is back after a long hiatus.  He is real and hits your heart with real life!!! Please go check him out !!! Click Here: 


Support your BLACK BLOGGERS!!!!

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The Edging Challenge Days 4,5 and Thanksgiving

Happy Holidays,

I hope that you had a nude and happy Thanksgiving. Mine went well. It was peaceful and full of rest.  I did get to edge on Wednesday and On Thanksgiving day. However I couldn’t really do it like I wanted due to company and family being around. I did manage to freeball.  As I write this post my eye lids are heavy. I’ll be back with other posts,

Love ya,


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