Me Time Day 4: Empire, Work, and More


Day 4 of My Me Time, recuperating from Season 2 of Empire Premiere, has made my week.  Today was another day of work and relaxation.  There were some hiccups with my work day, but overrall it was wonderful.  I did work naked despite some chilling temperatures in this damn house and this damn Fall weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I love each season, but Damnit I miss Summer!!! However such is life.  Today was also another day of meditation and making sure that I’m spiritually and mentally healthy.    I’m enjoying this me time. I’m feeling energized and I’m being revitalized.

I’m looking for great things to happen as well.

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The Black Male Nudist

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Social Nudism: #FOXEMPIRE, #EMPIRE Nudist Parties!!!!

Many of you are anticipating the Season 2 Premiere of Empire, on FOX!!! I am surely anticipating the suspense, action, drama, adrenaline rush!!!  I can’t wait to see sexy Jussie Smollett, Sexy Terrence Howard, and The Vivacious Taraji P. Henson.

In Celebration of the new season of Empire, Many people are having Social Nudism Empire Parties.  This doesn’t have to be just for the season premiere of the show. It can be a weekly gathering. Think of it as a weekly  meeting amongst nudists!!! An awesome time for non sexual nudity.

It could be complete with food, wine, liquor, and fun games for a pre-show activities. You can have your guests show up a couple hours early or at least an hour earlier than show time and include games and have a discussion about what could happen in the upcoming episode around food and drinks. Then while the show is going on, Everyone will have their eyes GLUED to the TV SET!!!

This is just one of many ways to have some Naked Fun and Social Nudism time with your crew while enjoying Empire!!!

Disclaimer: This Can Be Used for Any Cult Classic Show!!!


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