Nudist Notes: Foot Care


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  As a Nudist and Naturist, I find that it is crucial to talk about ways to care for one’s self. One area that I pay critical attention to are my feet.  Your feet are very important and must not be ignored.

One way to take care of your feet is to get regular pedicures or give yourself regular pedicures. One can do so by going to a local nail tech or by simply clipping elongated toenails or filing them down.  You can also do regular treatments with products such as tea tree oil to combat fungus and to moisturize the skin on your feet.

  One thing that I find very crucial is do a weekly soaking of your feet or giving yourself  a footbath. You can get you a nice sized Rubbermaid foot soaking tub that you can soak your feet in.

th (6)  You can put 1/4th cup of Epson Salt and a Gentle amount of Johnson’s Foot Soap in warm water and soak your feet for at least 30 mins to an hour.  The Epson salt will relax your feet while the foot soap will cleanse and soften your feet.

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