Barefoot and Naked!!!

So everybody should know by now that I’m a nudist and I love being naked whenever possible and especially barefoot!!!  It is something about when this Trans Diva Takes off her clothes and takes off her shoes.

The last few days, I’ve had the house to myself and I’ve had the house to myself due to some of my family visiting my aunt who lost her husband.  I wasn’t able to go due to my demanding work schedule. However, I did embrace my naked time. Since I work from home I can enjoy working in the buff and letting it all hang out. Why? Because I’m a fucking brickhouse that’s why!!!


I spent my Sunday Through Wednesday parading around the house naked. I even took a naked hike at 3 am in the morning!!! It felt so fucking liberating!!! It is something about when I’m able to be naked outside or naked in nature. It is very relaxing.  Now back to being barefoot.

Whenever I’m naked I prefer to be barefoot. Sometimes I’ll have on flip flops or shoes depending on where I’m nude, but when at home or at a resort I’m typically barefoot.  Being barefoot helps me feel fully naked. I know that it sounds odd for some, but that it is how I roll.  I’ve heard of people prefering being naked with socks on, but this bitch prefers to be naked and barefoot!!!

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