Mental Health and Burn Out


  Burn Out Is real.  That’s where I’ve been lately. That is also why I haven’t been posting much on this blog. I have been trying my hardest to get back into the blog world.  I haven’t been feeling quite myself.

How so? I’ve been burned out, stressed, and agitated.  Dealing with pressure from the job, anxiety, and money issues, I’ve been needing some time away. Hopefully this blog post will ease some of the tension.  I haven’t really spending a lot of nude time and I haven’t been feeling like being bothered.

  I am slowly but surely making a recovery.  Stay tuned  for more blog posts,

The Black Male Nudist.

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Happy Hump Day: Submit Your Humps and Nudists Stories


Click Here for more Hump day Posts

Click Here for more Hump day Posts


Happy Hump Day Family.  Today is a work day for me and I’m pulling extra hours before my three day holiday weekend.  I’m grateful that I have a job that I can work from home and do it the best way I know how …NAKED!!!  The week is almost done. So let’s dance and twerk since it is almost a three day weekend for most of us.  Enjoy life naked.

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Masturbation is Fun and Natural



Masturbation is Addictive

Masturbation is Addictive


One of my favorite and most stress relieving past times is masturbation. It’s fun, safe, and natural.  Some people often times think that masturbation is nasty or sinful, but it is freaking natural.  It’s addicting but natural.

Sometimes I love just not ejaculating for a few days and just watching porn for a couple hours and then finally releasing the nut.

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Nudist Notes: Foot Care


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  As a Nudist and Naturist, I find that it is crucial to talk about ways to care for one’s self. One area that I pay critical attention to are my feet.  Your feet are very important and must not be ignored.

One way to take care of your feet is to get regular pedicures or give yourself regular pedicures. One can do so by going to a local nail tech or by simply clipping elongated toenails or filing them down.  You can also do regular treatments with products such as tea tree oil to combat fungus and to moisturize the skin on your feet.

  One thing that I find very crucial is do a weekly soaking of your feet or giving yourself  a footbath. You can get you a nice sized Rubbermaid foot soaking tub that you can soak your feet in.

th (6)  You can put 1/4th cup of Epson Salt and a Gentle amount of Johnson’s Foot Soap in warm water and soak your feet for at least 30 mins to an hour.  The Epson salt will relax your feet while the foot soap will cleanse and soften your feet.

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