We Must Fight

I am perplexed right now. Apparently the 6th Circuit Court of the US held up Same-Sex marriage bans in 
Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.
I am not happy at all.
Since the Republican Takeover,
I feel that it is time that we put 
our energy in fighting 
a war for equality,
higher minimum wage, that isn’t so minimum,
Women’s rights
And so many other things
that should be a right,
but due to bigots and assholes
we do not have those rights.
If this is the land of the free, then 
Why I can’t I allowed to be married
my partner who is the same sex as me.
I don’t think this country is 
so free.
They claim that this country was founded
on Christian principals,
but that was a lie.
It was founding 
on lying, murder,
and betrayal.
Yes I fucking said it.

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