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Awkward Person-EMBRACE YOUR BULGE!!!


   The Awkward Person is one of my favorite Vloggers on Vimeo. It is something about him that just makes me keep watching and waiting for new videos.

  In a recent video Awkward Person advises us who have a penis to take pride in our bulge. No matter what EMBRACE YOUR BULGE!!! Check it out Below or Click Here

Embrace Your Bulge from Awkward Person on Vimeo.

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The piss continues to flow out of dark uncut cocks this week! Humberto is the 18 year old little brother of Enrique (the previous model) and he came along with him to the photo shoot…they are sort of competitive as brothers tend to be so he asked if we would shoot him. He told us that he’s got a big cock like his older brother. Of course, we said, yes, so you get to enjoy watching a hot 18 year old pissing for the very first time just like his older brother (who is watching the entire time)! Guess he was really horny because he busts his nut 2 times!

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Nudist Notes: Fetishizing Nudity


  As a nudist, I noticed that often time people fetishize nudism especially when People of Color are involved. Nudity is not a fetish but simply a way of life.
  Many people think that if you’re a Nudist that you are automatically thinking of sex. As I search for non sexual nudity media most of what I get is erotic art in regards to Black men and women.
  Now again there are times I do post sexual material on this blog. This blog not only deals with nudism, but it deals with my thoughts, feelings, whatever I feel like posting. The header states that this blog is the self expression of a Black Nudist.
  Now back to fetishizing nudism, it is difficult to educate those who are stuck in their own mind concerning nudism. Hey maybe we can come to terms with some people and their ignorance or continue to differentiate between porn and Naturism

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#HappyHumpDay Jon Jon vs. Lucky

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Join Me on #NiteFlirt

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Hey Guys,

It’s me Khalil Cayden Reed Dennis,

I’ve decided to branch out in working for myself and I’ve become a speaker for Nite Flirt.  For those into phone sex, feel free to check it out. I am available now!!!!

If you’re online hit me up here:

Or Call: 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 1076-9173,


Khalil Caydeen Reed Dennis


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#JockstrapCentral Cell Block 13 Alpha


Cell Block 13 is back with their Alpha Collection.  In fetish friendly colors, there is an assortment of jockstraps, jock briefs, and briefs that you will absolutely love.

If you want your ass out and balls secure for fetish play, then the Cell Block 13 is perfect for you. Check out Zack Acland as he models each style of Cell Block 13 Alpha Collection. Click the pictures to purchase!!!

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