#NOINDICTMENT!!!! My Response Concerning #MikeBrown and #DarrenWilson #Ferguson

I have no words
the Ferguson Decision.
I’m not pleased right now.
I feel that there 
has been too
much of a 
damn cover up going on.
I don’t agree with
the rioting and 
but I feel the pain
as a Gay, Nudist,
Transgender person
of Color.
Our Justice System
Has Royally Fucked
Us Again!!!!

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RIP Michael Brown

Disclaimer, this blog post is not to offend anyone, I need to get some
shit off my chest.
  It’s Monday. It’s time to take a bite out of the week and express some thoughts. With the recent killing at the hands of police of an unarmed teen, Michael Brown, I’m angry and hurt all at the same time.  Allegedly the teen, who was college bound on this week, was accused of stealing from a local convenience store, but now the community of Ferguson , a city north of St. Louis, MO, is in an uproar over the obvious murder of this teen.
  To make matters worse and more suspicious, the young man was shot with no explanation and his body was left in the street as if his life didn’t matter.
  So many thoughts come to my mind right now, especially with the NYPD murdering Eric Garner, and retaliating through arrests of the man who captured the incident on video as well as his wife on completely unrelated charges. Can someone say a fucking cover up and retaliation?
  Is it open season on Minorities, especially people of Color, Blacks, the LGBT Community from those who vowed to protect and serve, not annihilate and sever?  What is really going?
  The thing that pisses me off is that these brutal cops and their crimes are being swept under the rug and they are being slapped on the wrists.  It’s time out for police brutality, legalized murders, and affluenza.  It’s time Law Enforcement be held accountable of their crimes. I can see why the songwriter said “Fuck the Police.”
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