Feminine and Gay: Who Is the Real Man?

   Many of you that know that I am feminine Gay man.  I have no problem with being who I am. The problem I have is with ignorant motherfuckers that want to down feminine Gay men and those who cross dress, as well as the Trans Community.
  One Night as I was on Twitter and I saw a man who is apparently Down Low stating “You Fruity ass N****S are the reason that homosexuality has become what it has.” He also demanded for feminine men to “put some bass in your fruity ass voice.”
  Of course I did not give him the satisfaction that he bothered me because I’m still unbothered.  However my response to his ignorant ass remarks are “it is the down low deceptive lying men who like to fuck raw and think they are exempt from HIV/AIDS that make it hard for other homosexuals.” Yes I said it. Now granted not all Down Low men are bad. Some men are down low because of religious matters and because of family issues or fear of being rejected, while some are DL because they think if you are openly Gay that it makes you less than a man.
  A real man is honest with himself and with who he is.  A real man accepts others for who they are. If a man says they hate feminine men, then he must hate himself especially if he is Gay. Why all the division? WE both like men and the same sex. I hate when they say “if I wanted a woman, I would’ve dated a woman.” That’s the thing you big ignoramus, I’m a man who likes men. My favorite line is “I’m not letting a sissy climb my back.” What you don’t know is that plenty of men have faked being masculine just to get your booty meat.
  If a man rejects me for me being me then that means I’m too good for him from the start. I guess that makes me the real man. I’m feminine, Gay, Naked and Proud!!!!!

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