Vincent has finally come in to shoot his load. Here for, I reach in for a bit of in-spiration. Liking big guys, he reaches over to check me out. Pulling my cock out and into his mouth, Vincent does indeed throat me whole; he is ready to fuck as well. Thrusting from below, Vincent pushes back and bounces. Flipped over, he grabs his cock and jerks; I blow inside and out while he shoots, simultaneously.






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Chy Kyd and Phoenix Rizing #RawRods



chykydphoenix0002Chy Kyd  and Phoenix Rizing meet up in St. Louis with Rock Rockafella.  Chy Kyd has previously worked with Rockafellaz. Both stars have asked about working together. Upon meeting, Chy Kyd wastes no time swallowing Phoenix Rizing’s delicious dick. Phoenix gives Chy Kyd a run for his money. The dick is teeth chattering , body shaking good.

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Hump Day Thoughts: Ode To Ass


    It is something about ass.  The feel, the warmth, and the gratification that one gets when they stick their tongue and/or dick in some ass.   Am I the only one that feels that way?  I love it when my current beau and I make love. I love the fact that he throws all that chocolate cake on me and allows me to inject my cream filling into his man hole.

  Oh How I love ass!!!!

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