Seeing Your Parents Naked


Yesterday I was watching television and the episode of this show dealt with a dysfunctional family.  One of the many subjects dealt with nudism and a 20 something hipster seeing his parents naked. He yells “I don’t want to see my parents naked!!!”

This caused my mind to start thinking about nudism and how families in the real world can enjoy nudism.  Now alot of people think that if a parent is naked around their kids that it is some how a sexual behavior or that it is just wrong. What about those that attend family oriented resorts?  Keep in mind that nudism is not a sexual behavior. Sexual behavior includes things such as arousing another person and being sexual!!!

My mind goes back to my first nude beach experience and my bestie says, “I know these people don’t have their kids out here on a nude beach. These kids are going to be scarred.”  I didn’t say anything. I just shook my head and know that my friend was very well educated on nudism.

So why is it that people frown upon family nudism? Is it because religion has taught us that being naked is wrong? Is it because society demands us to cover up? Is it also because naked children or parents being naked around their kids is wrong?

Well let me hit you with this fact, I take this from


Misconception: Nudism is for adults only

Nudism welcomes children and actually encourages families with young children to bring their kids. Children are the most enthusiastic nudists because they have not yet learned to feel shame about their own or others’ bodies, or to equate nudity with sex. Most venues even have play areas and activities set up for children. However, children are only allowed to enter if they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians, and their parents, organizers and the other nudists are always on the lookout for anyone who would take advantage of children.

Nudism is for everybody. It teaches us to not be ashamed of our bodies or others’ bodies. It also teaches us not to equate nudity with sex.

As for seeing my parents naked, I’ve seen my parents naked as a kid, however they quickly covered up because I bomb rushed into their room. However, I under the respect factor and the privacy issue with most of society.  However, If you are confident that seeing your parents will not be an issue, live your life and don’t let it scar you.


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