Me Time Day 3: First Day of Fall Autumn Equinox


Hello Everyone , It is Day 3 of Me time!!! And it is also the First Day of Autumn/Fall!!! Yes I spent the day naked. Hell I even went out in the warmth of the day during my lunch break since I work from home, butt ass naked!!!

I really am enjoying taking this me time away. I have been going to bed a bit earlier, waking up earlier, and I’ve felt less stressed. I’ve even began meditating and exercising more in a few days. I’ve even had some better ideas and better laid plans for my life. It has been much needed that I take this me time.

With the change of the Season, also comes a change of mindset and change of perspective. There has also been even more changes in my circle, even before I began this time away from it all. I have NO ROOM FOR NEGATIVITY!!!

I did spend the day working nude. After my shift I ended up going for a walk commando style (no underwear) and I enjoyed it.  Right now as I type this I have chicken in the oven and waiting on the premeire of Season 2 of Fox’s Hit “Empire.”
Although my hormones are raging, I’m still exercising self control in not masturbating and not whoring about. Sometimes you have to exercise self control.  Although masturbation is pleasureable sometimes our world can revolve around sex and orgasms that we don’t focus on anything else. Right now I’m shifting focus and I happen to enjoy where my focus is going.

Until my next blog post,


The Black Male Nudist

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