Feel the Music

  Many of you all know that I’m a music fanatic. Music is my life!!! As I was eating after my workout and what not, Some old school tunes came on television.  Rufus and Chaka Khan’s “Tell Me Something Good” was one of the many songs that came to mind. I had to go and play that song. I also played “I Can’t Say No,” by Natalie Cole.  That was real music.
  Although it was before my time, I have an infinity for that type of music.  Some of this music today, I can’t get with. Especially if it degrades another human being or if it is just all about sex, money, hate, and power.  Now nothing wrong with baby making music, but there’s a time and a place. What about songs that dealt with love, politics, and humanity?  Often times in society it is over looked.

I feel that sometimes we as a society, lose the feeling for music and settle for what ever comes along. What happened to the songs that actually conveyed what we were thinking about if “I Was Your Woman?”   Gladys Knight and the Pips knew what feeling was back then. Not to say artists don’t feel it now, but it seems they put out and album to twerk and just to make money. I want real music and real feeling back. The artists that do try to do that are often “slept on.” However, they do have a place and they are doing the damn thing. We Just have to feel the music in order for it to be real. ,
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