The Black Male Nudist Versus Dysfunctional Family


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One thing that I’ve learned in this life is that we all come from dysfunctional families. Each family has that one family member that stays is everyone else’s business except their own, or that one family member that loves to keep the peace. Much to my chagrin I’m the one who doesn’t take any bullshit whatsoever.

This often times  create a rift in my family whenever, someone throws me bullshit and tries to tell me that it’s chocolate.

Well on this Easter Sunday, my aunt and uncle (they are brother and sister) got into a serious battle over a damn seat on the couch. Really my uncle was acting like a damn bitch because my aunt wouldn’t move so he could sit down. My grandmother was confused as to what was going on.

It was obvious that my aunt and uncle had other underlying issues.  For an hour, as we ate and watched basketball, I noticed that the tensions was thicker than the cornbread that they were eating.   I couldn’t take it anymore so I finally said something.

“Am I the only one, who feels this thick tension in the room,” I said in a pissy mood. Yes I was pissed at the fact that a 58 year old and a 65 year old are acting like 6 year olds at a family dinner.

I go on to say “You are both sitting here like 6 year olds and y’all are 60 year olds made over a seat on a damn couch. Tell me, where the fuck they do that at? Both of you are all wrong for acting like children over something so small!!!”

My Grandmother, surprisingly says from the kitchen, “Khalil is right. Y’all are Bible thumping Christians, but obviously you all missed something in church from the way you all are acting. Y’all better think about what you’re doing.”

Apparently my aunt and uncle were both pissed as hell because this 29 year old had to set their old, bitter, lonely asses in check!!! My aunt had the pussy nerve to say “You might want to watch your tone with me.”

I said in reply “Honey, I’m the last one that you want to try today. You’re mad because I told you the truth and you don’t like the truth. Oh well it’s not my problem, but I refuse to let this bullshit go on on a so-called Holy day for you all.”

My grandmother continued to back me up.

That’s the thing about dysfunctional families, especially Black Families, no one wants to admit when they are wrong. They always have ill feelings towards people who don’t take bullshit and will address the bullshit in the room when everyone else wants to be silent.

Also In dysfunctional families, the relatives often  make you feel like you owe them something when in reality you don’t owe them a damn thing.

This my friends are the main reasons as to why I don’t do family gatherings like that with my father’s side of the family. It is always something that will start the least little bit of drama or that one person that wants to control the flow of dinner or how everyone else should think or feel.

It is completely different on my mom’s side.  But that is another story for another day.

Well I’m out,

The Black Male Nudist

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