Attitude of Entitlement? Kiss My Ass


In life if you are a successful person or the person that everyone depends on, there is something that I must warn you about. This something is called “The Attitude of Entitlement.”

What is the attitude of entitlement? It is the belief that someone owes you something or that you are entitled to certain perks, be it financial perks, material perks, or even sexual perks.  This attitude is often seen in people that are teenagers, employees, or even some family members.  With the attitude of entitlement comes the “you owe me,” or the constant asking or this or that.

I recently dealt with this in my last relationship.  I was dating a grown ass 24 year old brat. He felt that since I was his lover and that he had fallen on hard times, that I was to pay all of his bills and take care of the mess that his ass had gotten himself into. There comes a point in which you have to say “no,” in order to get the person with the Attitude of Entitlement to take responsibility for their own actions.

Sometimes you have to tell family members, especially those who feel that you owe them because they pushed you to a successful point. There is nothing wrong with showing gratitude, but don’t allow them to make you feel like you owe them.  IF they pushed you it should’ve been done out of the goodness of their heart and not out of the attitude of “I want something back,”

In short I just want to say to the attitude of entitlement, “Bitch, KISS MY ASS!!!”

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When Strays Come Back

  What is it about strays that keep them coming back when you’ve tried to get rid of them?
  A couple nights ago, I had a guy that attempted to date me a couple years ago, just popped back in my life. I was hoping that after me not talking to him or accepting his calls, he’d get the hint, however he called me from a new number.
  I picked up the phone for Stray Boy.
“Hello,” I said.
“Happy Thanksgiving,” Stray Boy replied. 
  We chatted for a good hour giving the fact that I’d been a little under the weather this week. As the conversation went from pleasantries to comedy, Stray Boy must’ve grew some balls because he went straight for the kill.
 Stray Boy said “Billy, I still want to be with you.”
 “Why all of the sudden the interest again, Stray” I asked.
 “I don’t know. You’ve been on my mind.”
I reminded him of why he wouldn’t date me: the fact that I was am a female impersonator. Stray expected me to quit being me in order to appease him.
 After telling him “Look, I’m not gonna change who I am just to have a mate.”
  He was still persistent, I ended the conversation, by saying I needed to call my brother.
  Sorry, but I can’t date a stray, especially if he can’t accept all of me. He doesn’t deserve me. You either accept all of me or get the hell out of my life.
Enjoy the strays below

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