Sunday Notes and Thank You’s

  It’s Sunday…The Last one of the month. I want to thank you all for your love and support for this blog. I want to thank Roger at DQN in Northern Virginia and Mr. Tre984 for their shares and comments on this blog. I also want to thank to also thank the Gayte Keeper and The Luckey Star for the continued encouragement and wisdom.  
  With this blog, it is not intended to be pornographic, but informative on the Nudist/Naturist lifestyle.  So Far I pray that I’ve enlightened and helped someone understand that this lifestyle isn’t about a big sex orgy and nor is it about busting a nut!!! It is about loving your body the way God created you. It’s also about enjoying life in an “Garden of Eden” type setting before Adam and Eve were naked and ashamed.  Be Sure to Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr as the Black Male Nudist.
Love you all,
Get Naked!!!!
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