The Strike On Syria

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the breaking news, Donald Trump has order a strike against Syria, with 50 damn Tomahawk Missiles. The media and most people are thinking it has to do with the sarin nerve gas attack allegedly carried out there, by Bashar al-Assad.  No one really knows what has happened.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I honestly think we are being duped by Russia into World War III.  I honestly think #45 has not properly thought this situation through all the way. Yes, the party or parties responsible for this chemical attack should be punished, but I feel that a little bit more investigation should have been done before a big ass decision such as this.

I’m hearing so many conservatives on social media saying “yeah, bomb Syria,” but these are the main people who refused to let Syrian refugees into this country. I honestly see an ass load of hypocrisy. You attempt to “ban” Muslims from certain countries that you DO NOT do business with, but then you bomb one of our allies?  Something in the Milk ain’t white.

I’m going to continue to watch the news and pray for peace. This may be the final frontier for peace in the middle East.

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Nudists Against Trump


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I have one thing to say; FUCK TRUMP!!! Yes I said it FUCK TRUMP!!! In the 14 days that it has been president, the Trump creature has basically steered us towards war. With the assault on Muslims, Healthcare, and People Everywhere, Donald Trump has made the USA a fucking laughing stock of America. It is with this that I say FUCK TRUMP!!!

Thankfully I am a nudist against Trump. I cannot stand for bigotry, misogyny, and blatant assholeness in a powerful position.  Not to mention that he’s lifted the needed sanctions against Russia and now is being investigated.  I honestly do not see him being president nor do I see mike pence in our faces much longer. I purposely did not capitolize mike pence. He’s a gay hating dirt bag that needs to know what REAL Christlikeness is.  I’m a nudist against Trump!!!


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