Awkward Person-EMBRACE YOUR BULGE!!!


   The Awkward Person is one of my favorite Vloggers on Vimeo. It is something about him that just makes me keep watching and waiting for new videos.

  In a recent video Awkward Person advises us who have a penis to take pride in our bulge. No matter what EMBRACE YOUR BULGE!!! Check it out Below or Click Here

Embrace Your Bulge from Awkward Person on Vimeo.

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Masturbation is Fun and Natural



Masturbation is Addictive

Masturbation is Addictive


One of my favorite and most stress relieving past times is masturbation. It’s fun, safe, and natural.  Some people often times think that masturbation is nasty or sinful, but it is freaking natural.  It’s addicting but natural.

Sometimes I love just not ejaculating for a few days and just watching porn for a couple hours and then finally releasing the nut.

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Eggplant Friday: @Raging_Stallions Total Exposure


A scenic hundred-year-old barn looks even better when hot studs Sebastian Kross and Dorian Ferro decide to get naked and fuck there. You can see Dorian’s chiseled abs and Sebastian’s etched cum gutters from across the meadow. Deep, wet kisses are a prelude to the blow job Sebastian gets, but Dorian’s furry ass is so sensational, that’s all Sebastian can think about.

See What Sebastian Does To Dorian’s Bubble Ass By Clicking Here for the full scene of Total Exposure 1!!!!


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