Cypress Cove Nudist Resort- A Gay Perspective

“Most people comment about how friendly people are here. You can sit next to a banker and a trucker and never know who is who. The real attraction to nudism for many is the social element. It’s all about friends. When you visit Cypress Cove, you instantly become part of the group. Even as you walk down the road here, everyone waves, smiles and says hello to you. In today’s world, people don’t socialize like they used to. It’s different here. People here really want to hang out with each other.” More: Cypress Cove Nudist Resort – Gay Travelers Magazine

Nudism is a social avenue for people of all walks of life and all shapes and sizes. For some Naturists or Nudists some people that don’t fit into a social norm are considered just naked.
It is time to kill stereotypes and assumptions. It’s time to educate oneself and educate themself on nudism and the fact that it is for everyone!!!!

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