The Edging Challenge Day 2

Well Day two of my Edging Challenge went very well. It’s had some leakage. I did end up having a moment where I leaked a little bit of come but I ended up stopping the ejaculation.  It was good , but I did feel defeated.

As I write this post my dick is rock hard and I am trying my hardest not to jack off until a full orgasm.  I’m hoping that by saturday I will be able to have a very intense orgasm. I am drinking only water and I am eating healthy. My sleeping habits have been well.  I may not achieve several ropes of cum, but I look forward to one hell of an orgasm come this saturday. I may even record it or use my aneros anal prostate


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The Edging Challenge Day 1

Masturbation is fun and it can be very healthy and it can be very fun, yet pleasurable.  Masturbation has been demonized and called unnatural. Hell, let the creator of Kellog’s cereal tell it eating cereal will make you NOT want to masturbate. What a nutcase!!!

Well with masturbation comes various techniques.  One of my favorite techniques of masturbation is the art of “edging.” With previous posts, I discuss that edging is when you masturbate yourself till you feel yourself close to actually ejaculation, but you stop. You may have multiple orgasms, however not ejaculate or release cum or semen.

Some people edge for hours or even edge for days.  You can also use toys when edging or you can watch porn.  It is totally up to you. The key is that you do not cum.

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