Childhood Memories: Sunday Rides and Memories

  As a child, my uncle had and still has to this very day, a 1965 Brown, Stepside, Chevrolet Truck.  It has been apart of my life for 28, going on 29 years.  
  I have so many fond memories of that truck.  When I was a toddler and growing up I remember us going fishing and going riding in the Country parts of Spartanburg County while me and my cousins and friends rode on the back of the truck.  During the Summer and Even during the School Year we would climb in the back of the truck in the truck bed and act like we are driving the truck, like we were fishing, or whatever our imaginations came up with.
  One of the fondest memories that I have is when my Uncle used the truck to pull up a briar bush in my adoptive mother’s yard.  I remember my uncle and my adoptive father using a chain to grab the roots and bottom part of the bush in order to pull the roots up from the ground. My adoptive mother was getting rid of the bush because the bush was growing wildly and putting us all in danger when we walked off the front door step.  I remember many times getting stuck on that damn bush.
  Another fond memory is one Summer that my uncle and I went fishing at Lake Greenwood in Greendwood, SC.  He had a boat that he pulled behind the truck on a trailer with that brown Chevrolet.  I remember us catching plenty of fish and a water moccasin that day.  These are fond memories of my childhood.
Love ya,
Khalil D. 

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