Body Painting With Dean Knowland

Meet my Friend, Dean Knowland.  Over the course of the next few days he will be a featured model on this blog, The Black Male Nudist.  Dean recently participated in an event for Naked Bodypainting in New York City.  Check out his interview on how he got into the world of bodypainting.


My interest of bodypainting goes way back in 1997/98 . That was almost 20 years ago.
I remember when I first saw a documentary on HBO , a series  called REAL SEX about a
female artist in New York,  but she was originally from The Netherlands named Nichole
Natasha VonRosenchilde. She was doing a bodypainting show called “Angels and
Demons Exhibition.” I would record that episode on VCR, GOSH! Those were the
days of recording on videotapes.
14793923_1616225278671030_1202713577_n     When I wake up, I would sneak out of the bedroom, to go watch the episode
of the bodypainting over and over.  Almost twenty years later, I haven’t
forgotten nor given up on being a model for the bodypainting. Thanks to my
dear friend and an active participant named David Pumo  it was suggested that I
should apply to the upcoming bodypainting in NYC. Surprisingly, I was selected!!!

What-a-dream-come true.  My first participation took place on July 7th 2016.

It’s really hard to explain the phenomenal  experience I had with the crowd, the
photographers, the newscasters:  they were all INCREDIBLE and POSITIVE.
        My second participation took place again in San Francisco on October
23rd 2016.  Throughout these awesome adventures I have had on bodypainting
I am more excited than ever to do this again in 2017. 15101856_1626691457624412_371029935_o
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