The Manwhore Podcast: Ep. 69 – Growing Up Naked: Naturism, Boners and Body Image

The Manwhore Podcast is one hell of a podcast. Recently they deal with naturism, growing up nudist, sex positivity, boners, and body image. With this interview with Felicity Jones from Young Naturists of America. Get into this episode. It will explain a lot of how nudism is helpful with body image and more.

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Don’t Need a Perfect Body As Nudist

As a nudist, one thing stands. That one thing is that you do not have to have the perfect body. You can be skinny, slim, thick, tall or short. Have a little less or a little more.  Sadly in mainstream media and on a lot of nudist websites you see that there are modelesque bodies, model types and ripped to the soul men.

What about us that don’t have that specific “fit” body? Well Nudism is for All Body Types.

Even if you are a plus sized person, do not be dismayed. The nudist life will not judge you. You are welcome.  Did you know that experiencing nudism will help you to accept yourself as you are and will allow you to be free to be you.  Enjoy being you and don’t let mainstream media tell you that you aren’t perfect.

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My Naked Body


My Naked Body is Beautiful.

Skinny, Fat, Muscular, or Lanky,

I am wonderfully and fearfully made.

No I’m not a fan of chubby chasers, nor am I fan of gym bunnies.

I’m a fan of those who recognize and accept that

there are different body types.

Not everyone will have that body builder body.

We are happy the way we are.

My naked body is body.

I may have a little extra,

or a little less,

but hell, I’m fabulous dammit.

My Naked Body is Mine.

My naked body has been sanctioned by God.

My naked body is fierce.

My naked body is the seventh wonder of the world.

My naked body is MY naked body!!!

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Happy Hump Day: I Got Called Ugly

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Hello Everyone,

It is hump day. I have an interesting experience to share with you all.  As a nudist I’ve come to value you body and my beauty.  However, I’ve quickly learned that not everyone will value your beauty as you do. Now in my eyes (and of course potential suitors) I am not an ugly person. The only thing that can be ugly on someone is their personality and bigotry just to name a couple of things.

Well, on Monday I had some troll come by with total disrespect. I was on the smash Gay dating App, Jackd. Of course I had some glamour shots from a photo shoot that I did up as my profile pictures.  Well I get a troll email from some “Brian Amour” saying “ugly as fuck” with laughing emojis.
The Black Male Nudist is not one to be a pushover, so I pettily and quickly clapped back with “Sorry but you’re confusing me with you.” After the clap back I went to check his profile again and I was either blocked or he deleted his profile, never the less, I was completely un-fucking-bothered.

This had me thinking. It is sad that we live in a society in which people seek to down others looks and esteem because they feel pretty damn bad about themselves.  As a Black Queer, Transgender of Color I find that the Gay community is the worst when it comes to body image, fashion and more. In the LGBT Community, if a Man is feminine then he is frowned upon. If he is not a muscular, gym rat then he is looked down upon. This is where the hideous and dumb “no fats, no fems” come from.

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Body Image and Nudism: Your View of You

  With Me and of Course you, if you’re viewing this blog, we are all nudists. However, with a novice nudist, there may be issues concerning body image.  I say this because in society in order to be accepted in the nude, we have to have the chiseled body with a 6 pack as well as have the nice size waist line and perfect perky breasts. However, in reality not everyone has the Gym Rat Body…It is fun to look at but not everyone possesses that.
   When my best friend discovered that I’m a nudist/naturist, he asked  “are all the men sexy.” 
My reply was “No. Not everyone that’s a nudist go to the gym and not everyone is a gym rat.”  He didn’t know what to say. However, I did take him to and gave him some information on nudism and he understood that nudism isn’t about who has the best body, but the person who is free and enjoying life.
  In my first nudist experience at a resort, I noticed that Nudists and Naturists are of all sizes, shapes, and colors.  I saw men of various races, ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, heights, waist sizes, and more.  There were husky men, skinny men like myself, short men, muscular men, and some men with no shape at all. The diversity was awesome. It wasn’t about who looked the best. We just enjoyed being naked and enjoying the music and the pool since it was in the Summer time.  We all got a long with each other and we had a great time.
  Why is it that textiles and non nudists think that all nudists have the perfect body or strive to be the best looking nudist? Can’t we just be naked and be how God has made us to be flaws and all?

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