Name Change Coming Soon



Hey Familyy,

Many of you know and have read that I am transitioning from Male to Female in the next year.  Yes I am a pre-op Transwoman. With that being said, I will be soon changing the title and url of this blog to further reflect my transition and the changes. I still will include material on being Black, Male, Female, and Nudist as I was “born a male.”

Gender Dysphoria is something that I’ve dealt with throughout my childhood, teens, and now my adult life. I feel that it is now time for me to use what I have to reflect those changes and be a voice for the Transgender Community.

Thanks for sticking with Me. Love ya,

The Black Male (Queer/Trans) Nudist

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Sinus Infections and The Black Nudist!!!!



As I write this post, I have fallen victim to the latest season change; from Summer to Autumn.  However the season’s change is not reached its official date, the weather here has been a bitch!!!

For the last couple days friends and I have been suffering with sinus trouble and sinus drainage.  I woke up this morning wit no energy and my throat was sore and swollen. I could feel the sinuses draining like hell. However, I did manage to get to church and enjoy service. But when this nudist got home I stripped and took my tired ass to bed.

Hopefully I’ll be back to myself within a couple days.  How do YOU deal with Sinus infections?

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