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And It Starts


Well, it has started. Its the beginning of a new week. God help us all. I just wanted to be naked. Be sure to check out the Naked Swim Store at for great merchandise,


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Happy Hump Day All!!!

I pray all is well.  Today’s Hump Day Model is Baybee, from Cocodorm.  Hump Day symbolizes the middle of the week and I’m glad that the work week for me is almost done. Thankfully I am able to work from home naked!!! Nothing like a transwoman enjoying her body and being nude!!!!

Feel free to click on the pictures below to see more of Baybee

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Happy Hump Day With Dean Knowland

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It’s Hump DAY!!! I pray that you all enjoy it with My Featured Model, Dean Knowland and Company. The shots presented are from a recent photo shoot that also includes Nude Bodypainting. Sit Back and Enjoy. Please Share this

on your social media!!!

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Naked Sunday: GET NAKED


Happy Sunday Everbody. I pray that you all are having a fun time and getting naked!!!  The best way to live is naked.  Nudism is a great way of life and it has many benefits.  I pray that you all are relaxing and just enjoying the day.

Much Love,


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Happy Tuesday: Naked, Black and Happy


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This past weekend, I traveled to a Atlanta, for a religious gathering. I ended up sharing a room with my best friend J B, and DeDe.  We are all apart of the Blackqueer Community, mind you I was the only genderqueer (Transgender) person in the room, however I blended right in.

We had just arrived that Friday Afternoon and we all began making plans for that evening. While we were making plans, We all began to strip and it was no big deal. The only thing we commented is on how much weight we had gained or loss since we last saw each other and that it felt good to let the body breathe!!!

It felt good being amongst other Nudists of color and It just made my journey in nudism even more better.  I’m happy to be a Black Naked Person!!!

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Nudist Notes: Stay Hydrated and Use Sunscreen

Click The Picture for More Posts about Safety in the Sun
Click The Picture for More Posts about Safety in the Sun

With Many of us Nudists going on Vacation and enjoying the Sun and Summer, we must remember to play it safe and to use wisdom.  Although the Summertime is a fun time to hit the beach, have some naked out door time, and also cook out, one must not over look the importance of using sunscreen and staying hydrated.

I would recommend using a Sunscreen that is at least SPF 50 or better. This will help prevent sunburns and peeling skin.  Make sure that the Sunscreen also nourishes your skin as well is hypoallergenic. Make sure you cover your face, hands, feet, and genitalia.  Every few hours be sure to reapply. Although you may be using sunscreen also limit your time in the sun as the sunscreen can rinse off or be sweated away. It may be water proof but hell it does come off.

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Drink Plenty of Water


Along with  using sunscreen, you must stay hydrated as well.  I advise you to drink plenty of water as well as drinks such as Powerade or Gatorade. Stay away from alcohol because it can drain you. Soda can also energize you but make you crash as well due to high caffeine content. Powerade and Gatorade help replenish your electrolytes and quenches your thirst. It also keeps you hydrated.

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Mental Health and Burn Out


  Burn Out Is real.  That’s where I’ve been lately. That is also why I haven’t been posting much on this blog. I have been trying my hardest to get back into the blog world.  I haven’t been feeling quite myself.

How so? I’ve been burned out, stressed, and agitated.  Dealing with pressure from the job, anxiety, and money issues, I’ve been needing some time away. Hopefully this blog post will ease some of the tension.  I haven’t really spending a lot of nude time and I haven’t been feeling like being bothered.

  I am slowly but surely making a recovery.  Stay tuned  for more blog posts,

The Black Male Nudist.

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My Naked Body


My Naked Body is Beautiful.

Skinny, Fat, Muscular, or Lanky,

I am wonderfully and fearfully made.

No I’m not a fan of chubby chasers, nor am I fan of gym bunnies.

I’m a fan of those who recognize and accept that

there are different body types.

Not everyone will have that body builder body.

We are happy the way we are.

My naked body is body.

I may have a little extra,

or a little less,

but hell, I’m fabulous dammit.

My Naked Body is Mine.

My naked body has been sanctioned by God.

My naked body is fierce.

My naked body is the seventh wonder of the world.

My naked body is MY naked body!!!

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