Naked Time


Happy Day to All,

I pray that this blog post finds you in the best of health.  I just wanted to share something with you all.

That message is that there is nothing like Black Nudity.  In the naturist lifestyle sadly, Black bodies are often sexualized and fetishized by other groups and people of other backgrounds. People often make comments about how big Black Man’s penis is or how he has a nice body. The same goes toward women’s breasts, buttocks and things.

This completely ruins the nudist experience for people of color. It makes it seems that we are only good for sexual fantasies and for sexual vices. Don’t get me wrong now, there is nothing wrong with sex. Sex and perversness has no place in naturism.

Nudism is to enjoy living your life clothes free and happy.

Be Black, Nude, and Proud

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Is Your Mate a Non Nudist?

Is Your Mate a Non Nudist? Do they cringe at the thought of living clothes free? Do they have any hang ups about their body image?

This is a question for many of us that date, court, or are married to a non nudist partner. It can be a nudist party pooper, but it doesn’t have to be.  Hopefully you can advise your non nudist partner as to what nudism is and isn’t and the benefits of being a naturist or a nudist.

I have had my share of non nude partners. Let me tell you, trying to get them to even try nudism was a hard, yet possible task. My ex “JJ,” new that I was a nudist and he was very curious yet shy. I did explain to him what nudism is and isn’t.

The first thing to discuss about nudism is to understand that nudism isn’t about sex. It is about living free, accepting your body for how it is made, and doing things that you would normally do, but in the nude.  Explaining this simple concept to a non nudist will set their minds free. It will allow them to understand that there is life and freedom being naked.

The key is not to force them into or beat them upside the head over it.  Advise them to take little baby steps. If they aren’t comfortable and they don’t want to do it, then don’t force them. The choice will ultimately be theirs to make.




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