Naked Time


Happy Day to All,

I pray that this blog post finds you in the best of health.  I just wanted to share something with you all.

That message is that there is nothing like Black Nudity.  In the naturist lifestyle sadly, Black bodies are often sexualized and fetishized by other groups and people of other backgrounds. People often make comments about how big Black Man’s penis is or how he has a nice body. The same goes toward women’s breasts, buttocks and things.

This completely ruins the nudist experience for people of color. It makes it seems that we are only good for sexual fantasies and for sexual vices. Don’t get me wrong now, there is nothing wrong with sex. Sex and perversness has no place in naturism.

Nudism is to enjoy living your life clothes free and happy.

Be Black, Nude, and Proud

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It’s Friday 13th…Get Naked & Have Fun!!!!

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Hey Family,

It’s Friday the 13th….What makes today so great is that it is 2 days away from my Birthday!!!!! YAY ME!!!! Now I don’t subscribe to the superstition that Friday 13th is bad and everything bad happens.

I was taught that every day is a great day that the Lord God has made and we are to be happy and to rejoice in it.  If we go into the day fearing the worst then we’ll get the worst.  If we go into the day  speaking blessings then we will get blessings.  Galatians says we reap what we so…We reap what we speak out of our mouths.

I implore you to enjoy today. Get Naked, Put on Some Music, Grab some wine and dance your naked ass off!!!!!,

Love ya,

The Black Male Nudist

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Sunday Rest

After the holidays,
We can all use some rest.
Don’t let the return to work or the hustle or bustle
get you down.
It’s Sunday.
Take a rest and meditate
Your mind, body, and soul,
will Thank you.
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