Happy New Month

Happy July 1st.  It’s a new month and a new day.  I’m thankful for this new beginning.

It is something about when a new month begins. It’s like you get to start a fresh from the last 30-31 days.  Let this month be a prosperous month for you.  Accomplish goals and do great things for you!!!


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Black Men are Gods

Black men are Gods.

Despite how society tears them down

and attempt to dethrone them,

Black Men Are Gods.

If they weren’t

Then why is the world hell bent

on their destruction?

Black Men are Gods.

From the Dawn of Civilization

to Present Times,

Black Men Have Fought

and Conquered.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Barak Obama,

Malcolm X,

George Washington Carver,

The local barber,

The Black Queer Across the Street,

They are Gods too.

Bow Down Bitches,

Black Men Are Gods.

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Be Natural, It’s Right and…Natural



What is wrong with Black People wearing Natural Hair? Absolutely nothing. I’ve noticed that in some areas of fashion, The Corporate World, and even in media natural hair such as dreads, afros, braids,  and other hairstyles that are void of any type of chemical treatment and straightening to fit a traditional European style are frowned upon.
I had this experience a few years ago in which I  was working for a company and I began to sport a natural, SHORT Curly afro. I didn’t add any outrageous colors.  However I did review the dress code of my former place of employment and there was nothing that I did to violate the dress code.
There were superiors that had long dread locs or locs as well as other afro centric styles.
Much to my chagrin a co-worker who happened to be Caucasian complained that such hairstyles offended her. Nothing became of the complaint, but For some reason this came to mind.
I’ve been reading many articles where people who sport natural hairstyles as a part of their culture, religious beliefs and other reason miss out on opportunities due to wearing natural hairstyles  or are forced to change their hair just to get a job.
There is also criticism in the Black Community for those of us who wear natural hairstyles. As a person who dons a curly non chemically treated afro, I have had people say “cut your hair,” “relax that fro,” and “child afros are not of God.” This especially comes from Christian Church Folks who love to Whitewash the Bible despite it taking Place in the Middle East with people of color, but that’s a debate for another day.
I was once a member of a church that despised people with locs and that if anyone wore an afrocentric style they would make people feel as if natural was a sin and used, erroneously I might add, Biblical texts to demean people with natural hair. Needless to say I left that church and said “Fuck this shit.”
Unfortunately for a majority of The Black Race we have been conditioned to fit into a “White World” which I believe has done more harm than good. Now I’m not being racist with this Blog Post, but It must be said. Why must we straightened our hair in order for it to be neat? Natural hair is neat. Can’t we all just be without the racial overtones?

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Justice has Failed Tamir Rice

This Above Pictures Conveys My Feelings


Justice has failed the Black Family once again. A Grandjury failed to hold the coward cops accountable for the death of Tamir Rice. Tim McGinty failed Tamir.  Let me Recap.

Upon Seconds of Arriving on the Scene police officers killed Tamir Rice without as much as a drop your weapon nor did they check and see that this was a 12 year old CHILD with a TOY Gun and not a dangerous man of color assaulting police.

Am I upset. Hell yea I am very upset. Why? Even with video evidence and proof that the officers failed to do their job it seems that there shall be no justice. However according to reports Tamir’s family is suing for that justice.

How many more Black Lives must be taken in order for justice to be rightly served?   How many more times must Us Black Folks be called Savages for fighting for our right to live without savagely and justifiably being killed by those with a badge. Don’t even get me started on the Trayvon Martin case.

Does anyone else see what else is wrong here?  The justice system is horribly failing the Black Race, but they want us to remain silently. Well I refuse to remain silent. I refuse to sit here like a good ole Negro and let my people be killed and massacred No more.

This comes after a White Ten who murdered 4 people by drunk driving by was diagnosed with “Affluenza.” Which is basically him not knowing any better due to him being rich. This is some bullshit. The only reason this teen, Ethan Couch got off because he’s a rich white boy. Not to mention him and his mommy dearest went flying to another country to flee trouble.

What also pisses me off is that Dylan Roof, the Charleston Shooter got a trip to Burger King and James Holmes ended up being able to live to tell how he massacred 24 people in a theatre in 2012.

Does anyone else see what else is wrong?

I guess Black Lives Don’t Matter to some, but BLACK LIVES DO MATTER. We’ve been making everyone else’s lives matter since the dawn of civilization. We did it while enslaved, we did it while free. Hell did I mention that even Black Culture is being appropriated and acted like it is a delicacy.


Let me say this one last time BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!

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I’m a human being.
Treat me as such.
I’m a Black Man.
I’m not an animal.
I bleed red blood just like you.
Stop feeding into historically incorrect
I’m 100 Percent Human,
Just like you.
So what my skin is darker?
Does that Mean that I’m less than you?
Remember #BlacklivesMatter

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