Dance in Liberty

    As I write this blog Post, I write from a place of liberty. I write from a place of freedom that I never knew could exist.  This freedom is causing a dance in my spirit and a song in my heart.

  Why am I dancing in liberty? Well Let me give a bit of background on what happened.

  On this past weekend a childhood friend of mine got married to the love of his life. Yes It was a Same-Sex Marriage ceremony.  I had prepared myself by dressing up (unwillingly. Come on I’m a damn nudist) in a suit that matched their wedding colors, since I was the musician for the evening.  I painted my face with my favorite make up products and I zipped on to the sound check for the wedding.

  Well after completing sound check I noticed some familiar faces that began to arrive at this wedding. They were cousins of mine that I had not seen since memorial day.  Granted I’m not a Down Low brotha, but none of them had ever seen me in make up nor did they really know what I was gay.

  After the ceremony, I talked with my cousin Mimi. Mimi is in her late 60s early 70s.  She is also an advocate of the Gay Community.  She said “Khalil, I’m loving your make up.”

  I replied “I did.”

“You look amazing,” Mimi said. “I want you to know that it is okay to be yourself. Don’t hide anything from us. We are your family.”

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