The Bike #10 Jockstrap is Back for a Limited Time

The Bike #10 Jockstrap is Back for a Limited Time



As many of you know, a year ago, Bike Europe made the brilliant decision to do a limited edition run of the Bike #10 jockstrap. They called it the Vintage Throwback Edition, and it was awesome in every aspect. As expected, they sold out in no time. Well, by popular demand (and constant begging) Bike Europe has done a second run of only 6000 and Jockstrap Central has them – and at an special 10% off relaunch pricing.

This Vintage Edition is styled after the original made first in 1874 and with a special throwback insert for the clamshell packaging, this is truly a collector’s item. They’re sure to sell out fast.

It’s everything you expect of your #10 – with a woven moisture wicking pouch that’s soft out of the box and with this Throwback Edition, Bike didn’t go crazy on the bleach so it already looks like a vintage jock you’ve been wearing for years with it’s antique white coloring.

This #10 Jockstrap also has the tough and snug full 3 inch wide white waistband you expect necessary to give you all the support you need. Finally, it wouldn’t be a number 10 without the centered outside label and signature black and red striping.

With a limited run and Jockstrap Central’s special relaunch pricing we probably don’t have to tell you to snap these up quickly before they’re gone again
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