The piss continues to flow out of dark uncut cocks this week! Humberto is the 18 year old little brother of Enrique (the previous model) and he came along with him to the photo shoot…they are sort of competitive as brothers tend to be so he asked if we would shoot him. He told us that he’s got a big cock like his older brother. Of course, we said, yes, so you get to enjoy watching a hot 18 year old pissing for the very first time just like his older brother (who is watching the entire time)! Guess he was really horny because he busts his nut 2 times!

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Sugar Before Bed


Bam Bam loves getting naughty in the sack before bedtime, but his REAL-LIFE boyfriend, Krave Moore, is often too tired to fool around after a long day at the office. But Bam knows that he can usually coax his handsome beau into engaging in some sexy action…with a little work, of course! As Krave lays with his eyes closed, telling Bam to knock it off and go to sleep, Bam gently kisses his neck. He knows this spot usually melts Krave into acquiescence.

See what happens when Bam Bam and Krave Moore Began to Sample that Sugar Before Bed!!!!

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Chy Kyd and Phoenix Rizing #RawRods



chykydphoenix0002Chy Kyd  and Phoenix Rizing meet up in St. Louis with Rock Rockafella.  Chy Kyd has previously worked with Rockafellaz. Both stars have asked about working together. Upon meeting, Chy Kyd wastes no time swallowing Phoenix Rizing’s delicious dick. Phoenix gives Chy Kyd a run for his money. The dick is teeth chattering , body shaking good.

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