Fall Is Upon Us

Well It’s that time of the year in which we say “Goodbye, Summer.” We’ve had Labor Day Festivals and We are now celebrating another Equinox. Fall or Autumn is that transition from Summer to Winter. I hate to see Summer go, but I understand that is the way the universe works.

Now is the time that we smell pumpkin for the rest of the year and the time in which we prepare for Halloween and Thanksgiving to name a few holidays. Too bad we aren’t preparing for another damn Presidential election. However, Seasons Changing allows us to change as well personally.  Although in some place in the US some outdoor activities are limited, make sure that you plan for some indoor nudist activities and make sure that you have fun doing it.  Happy Fall Equinox.

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Happy Thursday!!!!


Happy Thursday Everyone. I hope that your week has been awesome so far. I am well still recuperating from an annoying Sinus Infection. Although I haven’t had much nude time during the day, I have still been sleeping nude.
  For some reason when I get sick, I always bundle up. Don’t ask me why. I’m still trying to figure that part out. However, Naked I came naked I shall stay.
  Also hello and thanks to my latest followers!!!! Be sure to check the about section when you can.

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A Change of Seasons


Here it comes again.

That special change.

The time when leaves express new colors.

The weather turns a little bit cooler.

Outdoor nudist activities can be limited.

Nevertheless Naked is the Way.

There’s a Change of Seasons

that is inevitable.

Don’t be dismayed.

You can still be naked in the right setting.

A change of seasons,

also means a change of thinking,

a change within your circles,

and a change in routine.

What season are you in?

Are you in a season of humdrum,

or season of change?

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