Taking Nudes with #Artisto

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The Black Male Nudist Selfie

 I love my nude body. I often take nudes but for my personal use. I rarely post nudes here.  Here are some nudes I did using Artisto. 

 Artisto is a new app that adds Special effects to your pics and videos.  Here are a few edits and the original


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Happy Hump Day: Submit Your Humps and Nudists Stories


Click Here for more Hump day Posts

Click Here for more Hump day Posts


Happy Hump Day Family.  Today is a work day for me and I’m pulling extra hours before my three day holiday weekend.  I’m grateful that I have a job that I can work from home and do it the best way I know how …NAKED!!!  The week is almost done. So let’s dance and twerk since it is almost a three day weekend for most of us.  Enjoy life naked.

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The End of July



Well July is on it’s way out. The beginning of  a new month is near. Don’t complain or be sad about the time that  you haven’t spent outside or spent traveling.

You still have time to travel or at least plan a quick get away. Plan sometime outside, have a cook out or enjoy life with friends and family.

Enjoy the end or ends of July.

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Dustin Pope, Southern Sexual Chocolate #HumpDay



It’s southern about Southern, Sexy, Chocolate Men!!! Dustin Pope Puts the icing on the cake.  As he jacks his wood, he is either thinking of some big ass dick or some nice juicy wet ass.

His most recent set with Thugboy gives tops, bottoms, and versatiles alike everything they ever fantasize about!!!

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