Artistic Saturday: Being Transgender and Nude!!!


  This Artistic Saturday, is dedicated to the transgender community.  This houses genderqueer, non gender-conforming, gender fluid, agender, and other various gender identities.  I myself have began transition from male to female, however I am not changing the name of this blog anytime soon.  I feel that in the nudist sphere there is not enough representation, and I may be wrong, of the transgender community.

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Artistic Saturday: Tribal Essence



As You Know Saturdays on the Black Male Nudist Blog is Traditionally “Artistic Saturday.

Artistic Saturday Focuses on the Artfulness and the Beauty of the human Body, but in NO WAY EXPLOITS IT.

Artistic Saturday also embodies Nudity in an artful state and in various art forms ie music, painting, body painting, body art.

This Installment of Artistic Saturday focuses on, Tribal Nudity and Tribal Nudism.


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