High Time- Joseph Campbell

Click The Picture for More of Joseph Campbell's Work

Click The Picture for More of Joseph Campbell’s Work

Joseph Campbell is a specialist in visual art. I discovered Mr. Campbell on Vimeo.  One piece that stuck out to me that contains artful and nonsexual nudity is “High Time.”  “High Time”

is a cyclical video artwork designed to be played on a loop in a gallery setting.

Taking it’s name from the literal translation of the German word ‘Hochzeit’ (wedding) the piece is an associative journey through themes of union and division.

The piece uses the male-female divide as it’s principle departure point. It also touches on themes of war, narcissism and infantile psychology.

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#ArtisticNudist Naked Man Uses Penis To Paint Masterpiece




Award Winning Performance Artist Brent Ray Fraser, Puts his manhood to use.  In a recent video, Fraser shows us that he has a big dick and knows how to use it…to paint a beautiful masterpiece on a mountain cliff.  Click The Video Below to Watch the Video WARNING NSFW!!!!

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