Just Leave Me Alone



This week has been a great week, however with the closing over yet another work week I just feel like yelling “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!”

It is crazy. It seems that whenever I try to have some me time here comes someone demanding my time, demanding to talk, demanding my space and thought waves. I’m just tired of it.

It is unfortunate that I’m living with a relative that is a lazy bum fucked bitter as old geezer, that doesn’t get that when I have my headphones in that means “don’t fuck with me!!!”

My uncle has the dreadful and deadly attitude of entitlement. It is finally starting to piss me off and it is getting to the point to where I’m so ready to leave so I can live my life. I’m yelling “JUST LEAVE ME A LONE!!!!”

Even during the times that I’ve requested him not to bother me, he always barges in with some stupid attention seeking behavior.  Not to mention, my job is already working on my nerves and is causing unnecessary problems.

Let’s just say my boss got his ass handed to him by several of us staff members for how he and the higher ups are handle a company fuck up.  Everyone is just demanding more of Khalil till right now I feel there is none left for me or God.

I just want some damn me time. Can’t a Black, Gay Nudist get some damn me time?

I guess for some people no, but I am demanding that they just leave me alone!!!!

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