Angry Nudist Here

  I’m an angry nudist.  Why? I’m angry at the bigotry and stupidity in the world.  So what a man is openly Gay and kisses his lover on national TV. Trust it won’t infect your kids. I’m angry at the jackass who kidnapped over 200 young girls over a religious misconception. I’m angry at people who don’t quite grasp what HIV/AIDS is.
  Why won’t people educate themselves? I’m confused and angry. I’ve tried to educate and help others be less confused, but they are stuck in their own mind. What do we do?
  I try not to remain angry, but it upsets me at the stupid and ignorant things that so called “religious and loving” people do in the name of religion.
   Granted I am a Christian, but I don’t think Christ accepted or stood for ignorance, hatred, and/or stupidity. That’s just my feelings. What the fuck? Really People? Let’s change this around. Let’s show love despite our differences. Maybe the world would be a better place, than the fucked up hell hole people want it to be.
Love ya,
Black Male Nudist.

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