Happy Nude Year

Well We are only a few days from the New Year 2016!!! I am very excited. I am trying my damnedest to turn over a new life in some things. I’m also trying to get to happy. I must advise that there may be some periods in the coming weeks in which I may not be posting as regular due to a hectic schedule and having life throwing me some curve balls.

Many of you know that I am currently living with family and right now it is doing more harm than good. I am working on getting my own place and moving out on my own….yet and again.

In this New Year I am focusing on my mental well being and on experiencing life in a whole new light. I’m also taking this blog to a higher place. ┬áIf you have a favorite post, please reblog, share, or simply comment.

I want to thank you all for your love and support of this blog!!!

Stay Nude and Happy Nude Year!!!


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Artistic Saturday:The Tribe of Nudism

Many of the photos that are posted on this site are gleamed from
the internet and from various websites.
I found this picture above online.
For me I love the artistic value that it possesses.
It shows a tribe of men that are brothers.
In the nudist/naturist family we are one big tribe of
happy naked, yet free people.
Nudity can be non-sexual and liberating.
Our bodies are a work of art created by the supreme one above.
Love ya,

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Naked Yoga

    Well It’s a new start in life for me as I’ve started this blog. One of the starts for me is to try yoga…Nude of Course!!!! The reason being I want to de-stress and yet be in shape at the same time. Yoga gives your mind, body, and soul peace. Of course with Yoga you must use common sense. Don’t hurt yourself doing it. It is basically breathing and stretching. Yoga has many benefits. It can help alleviate insomnia, help with sexual health, and reduce anxiety. Yoga is also looked at as a strength training method you’re using your body weight to move from posture to posture and with some poses you are lifted every bit of it. I urge you to try yoga. You won’t regret it and be sure to do it NUDE!!!!
Love ya,

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